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Since 2002 Global Technology Knowledge Corp. have been involved in very diverse type of projects. We have contributed since that time to the internationalization and the creation of value for our customers in many areas of research and training.

Among other projects:

22 @ Knowledge City in Barcelona (Spain) through the initiative b-Tec (Barcelona Technology Innovation) and the creation of bridging strategy of b-Tec summer sessions, with the collaboration, among others, of MIT , University of California and Columbia University in the sectors of energy and sustainability.
The academic planning for academic internationalization whithin the U.S.A. of San Pablo CEU University. San Pablo CEU University is the largest private academic institution in Spain.
The implementation and co-management at University of Barcelona BCNY of the Master in Journalism in cooperation with the Journalism School and the School of Continuing Education of University of Columbia.
The internationalization of activities of the Agency for Quality, Accreditation and Planning of the Community of Madrid. Subsidiary of the government in Madrid, reaching partnerships with ABET, ABA and other U.S. accrediting bodies.
Advisoring services to the Industrial Liasion Program at MIT in the creation of a Center for Biomedical Imaging in Spain.
The consultancy and advisory services to the Graham School at University of Chicago in the establishment of a strategic alliance with Madrid Government for a research and educational project in Management of Complex Systems Socially Intelligent.
Consultancy services to Columbia University (Earth Institute and ECC) in implementing research projects in Spain in Sustainable Urban Development and C02 Capture and educational programs in Sustainibility Management.
The development of programs in Clinical Trials from University of Chicago to the spanish speaking market.
Consultancy, development and implementation of programs in Project Management in Latinamerica for the Univeristy of California Irvine Extension.
Internationalization of the academic activities of the EIN Escuela Internacional de Negocios in Bogota, Colombia, in collaboration with Boston University and University of California.
The creation of the first european program so called "U.S. undergraduated supplement" to the european educational framework (Bologna Process) with Excelsior College, NY. USA
Advisoring to the project so called "Consorcio Madrileño del Conocimiento " for the internationalization and increase of competitiveness of the public university system in the Community of Madrid.
Creation of a process of globalization and homogenization of standards of learning ooutcomes in various areas for the engineering sector.
Desing of a Corporate University for the financial sector
Higher Education
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