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Welcome to GTK, Global Technology Knowledge Corp.

At Global Technology Knowledge Corp. we create knowledge ecosystems at local, regional, national and global levels. We reach full optimization due a well balanced convination of knowledge engineering and the addition of the best suited agents and engines to each project and to each phase.

We have firm alliances and agreements with some of the most prestigious research centers and higher education institutions in the world and with some of the more porwerfull High-tech companies in the educational sector.

In our team we count with some unique human expertized talent, all of them are experts in the creation, management, coordination, implementation and development of complex projects.

Global Technology Knowledge Corp. is specialized in creating and adding value associated to the integration of activities and intangible assets whose origins are intelligence and knowledge put into interactions with information and technology. These developments converge on the so-called Knowledge Society.

We emphasize our line of developments for multilevel association and partnership strategies MECE (Mutually-Exclusive/Collectively-Exhaustive) as an integral part of the added value business conducted by Global Technology Konowledge to its costumers.

Our services are requested by governments, regional communities, municipalities, multinational companies, universities, research centers, quality agencies and financial institutions and investors.

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